Italian Restaurant

         The "Pian Camuno" Italian restaurant offers, above all, delicacies of the Italian cuisine, among which you can find, inter alia, numerous dishes prepared on the base of pasta. The menu of our restaurant is very attractive as it differs from the stereotype that is copied by the majority of recreational and holiday facilities located in the Podhale region, where the mountaineer cuisine is mainly served. However, we have decided to offer you something special and exceptional, wanting at the same time to make our complete recreational and holiday offer more attractive and unique.
Excellent drinks and alcoholic beverages are served in the bar part, whose area has been especially separated from our restaurant.
Nice and professional service, pleasant interiors and refinement of served dishes and drinks characterized our restaurant and bar offer.

"Wet" restaurant

         The specialities of the Polish cuisine can be found in this offer.  This is an ideal place for a pleasant replenishment of supplies used on water or snow frolics. The restaurant is at the disposal of these guests who are present in the baths zone

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Baths: +48 721 100 800
Groups, saunarium: +48 661 460 243
Reception, apartments: +48 721 100 900
Restaurant: +48 723 256 962
Menager: +48 601 900 300

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