How to use saunas

1 Stage


A body should be washed and completely dried before using the sauna. If you have cold feet they should be warmed up prior to entering the saunas, e.g. by using warm water. You enter the sauna naked and carry a towel. All other clothes should be left in a locker. You do not take jewellery, watches or telephones, etc.
2 Stage

First overheating 

You should start from the lowest bench, sit on a towel with bent legs or in a lysing position. You can sit on a higher bench and continue to warm up. You should behave peacefully during a bath, you can pour stones with water in order to obtain greater humidity, however only after agreeing it with other users. Before leaving the sauna you should wait 2-3 min. in the sitting position in order to prevent possible fainting.
3 Stage


The higher temperature is in the sauna, the shorter time you should spend in it and the more time you should devote to cool down an organism. Then you should take a shower and go into cold water. You should remember to cool body down, starting from feet.
4 Stage

Second overheating

When you enter the sauna you can sit or lie down on the 2nd-3rd bench at once. You are not permitted to drink or eat during your stay. Just relax.
5 Stage

Last stage

After the last exit from the sauna you should not wash your body with a soap. Moreover, you should rest for minimum 15-20 min. before leaving the sauna in order to adapt to the environmental temperature. You should not do any physical exercises, yet you can have your favourite massage or use a solarium.


  • Before entering the saunas you should consult a doctor in order to determine, if there are any contraindications preventing you from using the saunas.
  • It is advisable to use the saunas 2-3 times a week. 
  • You should not eat lavish meals or drink alcohol before a planned sauna session.
  • You should not use sauna before or after strenuous physical exercises.
  • When going to a sauna you should take a big bath towel (you should also take another towel). 
  • You should replace fluids after leaving a sauna.

You can use the following saunas in our facility

Dry sauna   - (also known as Swedish sauna). The temperature in the dry sauna is 75-100° C and the humidity is extremely low - at the level of only 10%. The heater warms up our body evenly, without creating the overheating zone around the source of heat.  Taking advantage of this type of sauna results in relaxation, reduces muscle pain and accelerates recovery processes. The therapy strengthens the immune system and effectively supports a fight with cold and flu-like infections in their early stages. Sweating during a sauna session cleanses an organism. It causes disposing of unnecessary compounds, reduces cholesterol concentration and leads to discarding excess of water. The therapy supports losing weight due to improvement of metabolic processes.

Wet sauna - - a session starts from the temperature of 50°C and gradually increases to the maximum of 90°C. The stones that are poured with hot water, produce steam, thanks to which air humidity increases (25-45%).

Turkish bath  - (the so called Roman bath) The temperature in this sauna is about 40 – 50°C with the very high humidity of even 100%. 

Turkish bath - with music therapy and aromatherapy.

Infrared sauna -– is a special sauna type, in which a traditional a traditional furnace is replaced by a ceramic infrared radiator. This is a perfect sauna for people, who cannot withstand a traditional sauna, due to its high temperature. The maximum temperature in this sauna is 50°C.

Saunas evenings in summer

in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  1830 , 1930 , 2030

Additionally we offer:

Frozen fruit, lemonade, beauty treatment: a natural mask

Other attractions of our saunas

Feet massage   -in the cold water up to 10°C and in warm water up to 35°C.
Sensation shower –illuminated rain-barrel, nozzles with tropical rain (big, soft rain drops 40 l /min).
Sound therapy  - takes place thanks to the applied sound system in the recreation zone.
Waterfall with the rain effect in a relaxation room.
Ice generator is installed in the wet zone of the SPA next to the sensation shower, used for rubbing it into the body.
Sauna barrel for cooling – it serves for cooling down a body after leaving a sauna or a Turkish bath. It is filled with cold water with the temperature of about 7 °C.

Price list

Up to 1,5h 33 PLN
Up to 2,5h 42 PLN
Up to 4,5h 56 PLN

Attention! 1 towel is included in the price - applicable to open tickets, saunas and single entries to the saunas.

LOYALTY CARDS- individuals
BATH Card 25x1h* 250 PLN
BATH Card 10x2,5h* 250 PLN
OPEN Card (Baths+saunas)  all-day passes, 1 entry per day 296 PLN
SAUNAS Card 10 x all day passes, 1 entry per day 179 PLN
SAUNAS Card 20 x all day passes, 1 entry per day 298 PLN

* Name-bearing card is valid for 6 weeks 

Loyalty cards for individuals are valid for a period of 1 months from the date of purchase and they can only be used by persons signed on a card. 

BATH Card without name   250 PLN
OPEN Card (Baths+saunas) without name 25 x 1,5h 298 PLN
OPEN Card (Baths+saunas) without name 10 x 2,5h 279 PLN

Business charge cards are valid for a period of 1.5 months from the date of purchase and they can be used by company employees as well as their family and friends. The offer is valid when purchasing a minimum of 10 cards 

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