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Our sauna center is an excellent option for those who look for privacy and intimacy. Our offer includes a Finnish sauna, infrared, herbal, aromatherapy and steam saunas. We are happy to provide the full sauna use information for the beginners.

During the week the saunas are open from 2pm to 10pm, and on weekends from 10am to 10pm.

Extra Sauna Sessions

Extra Sauna Sessions are available at our Sauna Center. Some of the extra attractions during the sessions include:

  • Herbal and fruit peelings,
  • Natural creams and masks,
  • Aroma heat-up sessions.

Enjoy our extra sauna sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

6:30pm     7:30pm     8:30pm



Before using the sauna, wash your body and dry thoroughly. If your feet are cold, you should warm them up e.g. with warm water. Enter the sauna naked and take a towel with you. Leave all other belongings in the changing room. Do not enter the sauna with a phone, jewelry, watch, etc.


First overheating

You should start the first overheating session from the lowest bench. Sit with your legs bent on a towel or in a simply lie down. After a while, you can sit on a higher bench and continue heating. During the session please remain silent. You can pour water on the stones to get more moisture, but make sure all the other users agree. Before leaving the sauna, wait 2-3min in a sitting position to avoid the risk of fainting.



The higher the temperature in the sauna, the shorter you stay in it and the more time you take to cool your body down. Afterwards, take a shower and immerse yourself in cold water. IMPORTANT!!! Cool the body starting from the feet towards the heart.


Second overheating

Enter the sauna and sit or lie down on the second or third bench. During your stay, do not eat or drink. This is the time of full relaxation.


The last stage

After the last sauna session, do not wash your body with soap. Before leaving the sauna area, you should rest for at least 15-20 minutes in order to adapt to the ambient temperature. Do not do any physical exercise, but you can indulge in your favorite massage or visit our silence room.

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At our Academy of relaxation and pleasure, we will make you feel great – our team of qualified physiotherapists and cosmetologists will take care of that. Have a nice time relaxing!

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