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          We welcome you to take advantage of our baths offer. We provide four baths with richly mineralized thermal water at your disposal. It is worth highlighting that our bath basins are filled with the best mineral water used for recreational purposes in Podhale. The temperature of our water is maintained in the range 30-38 °C and comes from the IG1 bore hole operated by PEC Geotermia Podhalańska s. a. The total water surface area is 970m2. 
          There are four baths available: two external and two internal ones, a triple-track water slide and a paddling pool with a water slide for children. Moreover, the baths are equipped with numerous appliances for hydro massage such as water jets, massage benches, hedgehogs, geysers, devices for massaging the neck or the shoulder with wide and narrow streams of water. 

The TERMY Szaflary complex also includes:
  • 14 comfortably equipped suites
  • An Italian restaurant
  • A “Wet” (poolside) restaurant
  • A conference room
  • Saunas
  • A fitness room 

Composition of water

The water in our baths has: 
  • ​a unique and diverse physicochemical composition
  • increased water hardness
  • low alkalinity

Due to their unique composition, our curative waters have no rival in all of Poland. 

The following mineral components of the baths are important for health and should be highlighted: 
  • ​potassium
  • sodium
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • sulphur
Bathing in and absorbing our waters has a beneficial influence on our organism. It: 
  • reduces obesity and excessive body weight
  • eliminates and reduces insomnia
  • stabilizes pulse, eliminates heart and cardiovascular diseases
  • eliminates weaknesses and headaches
  • reduces stress
  • makes you feel better, stabilizes nervous system, restores inner peace and psychological balance
  • accelerates recovery after operations and treatment
  • improves internal metabolism
  • regulates hormone economy

Ion balance

Component  mg/dm3 mval/dm3 %mval
K+   44,73  ±  0,07  1,144  3,423 
Na+ 435,30  ±  4,24 18,926  56,629
Mg+2 40,06  ±  0,41  3,297  9,865
Ca+2 197,70  ±  2,88 9,865  29,518
Fe+2 0,181 ±  0,001  0,006 0,019
Feog  0,337 ±  0,005 
Al.+3 0,073  0,008 0,024
Ba+2 0,093 ±  0,003 0,001  0,004 
Mn+2  0,020 ±  0,000 0,001  0,002 
Sr+2  6,100 ±  0,102  0,139 0,417
Zn +2  0,163 ±  0,003 0,005  0,015 
Cu+2  0,0018 ±  0,00000 0,000 0,000
Li+  0,192 ±  0,001 0,028  0,083
Total cations  724,6  33,421  100,0 
Cl-  446,70  12,569 35,252
F-  0,85  0,045 0,125
Br-  0,93  0,012 0,033
NO3-  <   0,04  0,001  0,002 
So4-2  779,30 ± 0,4  16,235 45,535
Hco3-  270,50  4,434  12,437
BO3-3  45,80 2,357 6,612 
PO4-3  <   0,05  0,002  0,004
Total anions 1544,2  36,655 100,0
Total of analysis 2268,80 




1. The purchase of an entrance ticket on the premises of this building implies acquaintance with and acceptance of the conditions of these Regulations.
2. The administrator of this building is TERMA s. c. Szaflary Osiedle Nowe 20
3. Before entering the premises of the thermal baths complex and starting to use individual appliances in the facility, you should get acquainted with these regulations and instructions for using the baths attractions and you should observe them during your stay on the premises of the bath hall and external baths. The facility is open from 8.00 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Baths attractions are switched off at 9.50 p.m.
4. Persons present on the premises of the facility who violate public order, behave offensively, including the use of offensive language, or who endanger other persons present on the premises, as well as persons who do not observe the provisions of these regulations or the instructions of emergency service personnel and facility employees, can be removed from the premises of the facility without the right of reimbursement of already paid fees.
5. All persons who are present on the premises of the facility are obliged to immediately comply with official announcements. 
6. On the premises of the facility it is not permitted:
  • to smoke cigarettes and chew gum,
  • to drink alcoholic beverages outside of the areas dedicated to this purpose,
  • to bring sharp instruments and other dangerous objects,
  • to bring alcohol, food or other goods in glass packaging’s on to the premises of the facility,
  • to bring animals and keep them on the premises,
  • for persons whose condition indicates consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs to enter the facility
  • to conduct commercial activity without obtaining the written consent of the Owners, TERMA s. c. 
7. All appliances that have been made available to facility customers have the necessary certificates and their safe use in compliance with appropriate instructions is guaranteed.
8. Detailed principles regarding the use of other appliances and attractions - those outside of the baths hall - are governed by separate regulations or instructions.
9. The facility is continuously monitored.
10. TERMA s. c. reserves the right to switch off the facility’s appliances and attractions due to failure or other events that are outside the control of the administrator (e.g. bad atmospheric conditions, etc.) without the possibility of the reimbursement of costs, in the event that not switching them off could pose threat to the health of their users.
11. Detailed principles regarding the use of the facility’s appliances and attractions are governed by separate Regulations or Instructions, which are on the premises of the facility.
12. The text of these Regulations is available on the following Internet website:


1. Only swimwear is to be worn on the premises of the baths complex: a one or two-part swimming costume for women, swimming briefs or trunks for men.
2. It is obligatory to move around the premises of the facility in swimming-pool flip-flops.
3. Children using diapers should wear disposable nappies dedicated for bathing.
4. Children up to the age of 7 can be present on the premises of the baths complex only when accompanied by an adult.
5. Each user of the thermal baths complex is obliged to use showers before entering the baths hall in order to clean the whole body and disinfect feet.
6. Persons who use the thermal baths complex are obliged to store clothes, bags and other objects brought to the facility premises in the lockers of the changing rooms and lock them.
7. The use of the thermal baths complex is not permitted for persons who have, or whose external symptoms indicate they have, skin diseases, open wounds and injuries, problems with breathing, balance disorders, epilepsy, cardiovascular disorders, infectious diseases, lack of personal hygiene, frequent intravenous injections, aggressive behaviour.
8. Persons whose general state of health, physical condition or mental health have worsened, as well as pregnant women, should use baths hall appliances inappropriate to the current condition of their health and with particular caution. The administrator shall not be responsible for any possible negative results of infringing this obligation.
9. When using the attractions of the baths hall and external baths, the instructions and markings (icons) should be unconditionally observed and instructions given by the staff should be followed. 
10. When using the water slides, the instructions, which are located at starting positions, should be unconditionally observed.
11. On the premises of the thermal baths facility it is not permitted:
  • to run or to push other users into the water, as well as to behave in any other manner which poses a threat to safety,
  • for persons whose condition indicates alcohol consumption, or consumption of any other intoxicating agents, to remain on the premises,
  • to sell, give, bring or drink any alcoholic beverages or any other intoxicating agents,
  • to raise false alarms,
  • to climb sculptures, balustrades, lifeguard stands, low walls surrounding the baths, flowerbeds, rocks or any other appliances, which are not intended for this purpose,
  • to jump into the water from low walls, balustrades, stairs, jacuzzi baths, flowerbeds and any other construction elements of the facility, as well as from the edge of a bath, in particular with a run-up or “head-first” dive,
  • to use rescue equipment for other purposes than it is dedicated to,
  • to use a slide or attraction in a manner that is not compliant with the instructions,
  • to eat food products on the premises of the changing rooms, baths hall, with the exclusion of the wet bar.
  • to throw into the water dishes, remains of food and any other objects, which are not intended for play in the water,
  • to destroy equipment,
  • to pollute bath water,
12. All persons use appliances and attractions of the facility at their own risk.
13. All cuts, injuries and other incidents should be immediately reported to the nearest lifeguard.
14. Classes can only take place in the presence of swimming instructors and lifeguards,
15. Group classes take place according to a precisely defined schedule, which is available at the information desk.
16. Children up to the age of 7 can enter the bath only if wearing water wings. 


1. Payment for tickets is collected in advance, according to the price list, and is not subject to reimbursement.
2. Duration of stay in the thermal baths complex is measured from the time the entrance watch is loaded by a cashier at a cash register until the time it is returned and verified by a cashier when leaving the facility. 
3. Discounts, promotions and the possibility of unpaid use of the facility are not cumulative and cannot be used together.
4. A Customer must make a complete settlement of outstanding charges for stay and consumption when leaving the premises.
5. Settlement of charges for stay in the thermal baths complex takes place on the basis of the price list confirmed by the Company Owners. 
6. Invoices for services provided by the facility can be received at the information desk, on the basis of cash register receipts, presented within the time limit of 7 days from the day of rendering a service.
7. Tickets which authorize to take advantage of the facility (admission cards, tickets, entrance tickets, etc.) can only be purchased from the person running the facility or the authorized representatives.
8. Tickets bought from unauthorized persons or in an unauthorized manner shall not be accepted.


1. A full payment of a damage value is binding for destroying elements of facility equipment and also destroying, damaging or losing objects handed over for use.
2. The administrator shall not be responsible for unattended or lost luggage on the facility premises, including valuable objects.
3. The administrator shall not be responsible for any damage to swimwear caused on the premises.
4. A user shall be obliged to pay a fee in the amount of 100 PLN for losing a band with electronic scanner.
5. The administrator shall not be responsible for incidents caused by non-observance of these regulations, the instruction for use of the water attractions and instructions of the staff.
6. The administrator shall not be responsible for failure to get acquainted with these regulations by a customer as well as the instructions of using the saunas, the slide and other water attractions.
7. The purchase of an entrance ticket on the premises of this building implies acquaintance with and acceptance of the conditions of these Regulations.
8. Acceptance of the regulations conditions of the facility.


1. Organized groups must have at least one carer for 15 participants, who is responsible for his or her charges for the whole time of staying in the facility premises.
2. A group carer should carry a filled in and signed a group carer declaration. 
3. A group that takes advantage of the complex cannot have more than 15 participants per one carer.
4. Group carers are obliged to change into swimwear.
5. After entering the thermal baths complex a group carer shall be obliged to contact a lifeguard on call in order to determine rules of bathing.
Classes can only take place in the presence of swimming instructors and lifeguards. Group classes take place according to a precisely defined schedule, which is available at the information desk. 
6. Educators and carers of organized groups are obliged to ensure appropriate care and control of students who are under their care.
7. The number of carers for disabled persons depends on a type of disability and a health condition of charges.
8. Kindergarten groups should have swimming devices such as life rings or water wings. Slides can only be used under an adult’s care.
9. During a stay in the facility carers are obliged to make sure that a group has behaved peacefully and politely, has neither been noisy nor destroyed appliances or property that is located on the facility premises.
10. A group carer shall be obliged, in particular :
  • to bring a group to the main hall of the facility and indicate a waiting place to enter a changing room,
  • to finalize all formalities related to entrance of a group and collection of bands for the whole group, 
  • to instruct charges about a manner of using lockers and bands,
  • to bring a group from a changing room to shower premises, 
  • to remind a group about the principles of using bathrooms and toilets,
  • to make sure that charges washed themselves properly, in particular intimate places, by using cleaning agents,
  • to bring a group from shower premises to the baths hall and make sure that all charges have rinsed feet with a disinfecting agent that is located at the entrance to the baths hall,
  • to report to a lifeguard the fact of bringing a group to the baths hall and organize briefing of a group by a lifeguard, 
  • to control behaviour of a group during its stay in the bath,
  • to check a number of a group before and after classes,
  • to make sure that lockers for clothes have been emptied and all personal belongings collected by participants,
  • to bring a group to the main hall of the facility,
  • groups without a carer shall not be admitted to the complex,
  • group members are obliged to submit to a lifeguard, a group carer, an instructor who conducts classes and the general regulations of the facility hanged in the main hall.

Price list

1 h + 10 minutes 2,5 h + 10 minutes 4,5 h + 10 minutes All-day pass
Morning ticket (8:00 - 11:00) - 35 PLN
Evening ticket (18:00 - 22:00) - 45 PLN
OPEN Ticket (thermal baths+saunas) for 2 + lunch n/a n/a n/a 219 PLN
Regular ticket 28 PLN 48 PLN 50 PLN 65 PLN
Children up to the age of 16 27 PLN 38 PLN 45 PLN 60 PLN
Seniors over the age of 60  27 PLN 38 PLN 48 PLN 60 PLN
Invalids + 1 carer of a disabled person 37 PLN 45 PLN 55 PLN 65 PLN
Family ticket 2+1 n/a 114 PLN 135 PLN 165 PLN
Family ticket 2+2 n/a 156 PLN 175 PLN 220 PLN
Each additional child (max 3) n/a 15 PLN 15 PLN 15 PLN
OPEN Ticket (thermal baths+saunas) n/a 75 PLN 89 PLN 93 PLN
Saunas 0,60 PLN/per minute***
Please contact our customer service team in order to get information about prices for groups on the following telephone number: 721 100 800.
Or contact us by e-mail: 

* Discounts available upon presentation of a student card

10 additional minutes free of charge for getting changed

A child up to 120cm - free of charge - only under care of an adult who has bought a full price ticket

Family ticket is available for purchase by parents/carers accompanying children in the age range 3-13 - IT  IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR GROUPS!

Fee for losing an entrance watch 200 PLN.

In the baths zone, each additional minute over the time purchased costs 0.30 PLN. 

On an OPEN ticket each additional minute over the time purchased costs 0.60 PLN. 

OPEN tickets and sauna per minute allowances are not available for children below the age of 13.

***The price for “saunas per minute” is binding when purchasing a ticket for the baths zone.

The fee for renting a towel is 2 PLN and is applicable to saunas.

Purchasing a ticket implies the acceptance of our regulations.

Discounts and rebates are not cumulative and cannot be used together.


Baths: +48 721 100 800
Groups, saunarium: +48 661 460 243
Reception, apartments: +48 721 100 900
Restaurant: +48 723 256 962
Menager: +48 601 900 300

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